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Metadata Design

Metadata is more than information about information.

Metadata is the muscle behind your content that makes it more dynamic, searchable, descriptive, even automatic. All the cool content functionalities you love, such as refining, ordering, relating similar content – all brought to you by metadata.

But metadata is a cruel mistress. Just the right amount and you’ve got yourself a powerful tool. Just a little too much, your content creators revolt and your metadata fields are empty graveyards. A good metadata structure must be elegant and imminently practical.

We don’t want to overwhelm your users with fancy metadata they’ll never use. Everything we build must have purpose and bring valuable functionality to your system.

We build custom metadata schemas that form the foundation for the full range of information management initiatives such as web content management, digital asset management, intranets, etc.

How do we do it

As with all of our methodologies, we start by talking with all the stakeholders that interact with the content. We need to know how they use it, search for it, and manage it. We also discuss future goals for your content. The architecture will be guided by how you plan on presenting content, moving it across channels and extracting business intelligence.

Once we have a firm grasp of your requirements, we work iteratively with your team to develop all the different kinds of metadata you’ll need to make your plans a reality. Whether it’s metadata for rights, faceted search or workflow management, we refine the list of elements until we have a structure that balances simplicity and function.

If your metadata requires controlled vocabularies, which it often does, we will develop the necessary taxonomies (more about  taxonomy design).

Metadata Implementation

Elegant implementation is critical to balancing ease-of-use for content creators and flexibility for front-end interfaces to leveraging the metadata to build dynamic pages or search and browse interfaces. We also help you implement the metadata schema in your content management tool, be it a CMS, a DAM system or a document management.

For all you SharePoint lovers out there, we understand SharePoint functionality and build metadata schemas tailored to the system’s content type architecture and information management mechanisms.

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