Without metadata, digital assets are virtually unfindable. In a digital asset management (DAM) system, information architecture is the foundation for a great search experience, streamlined creative workflow, and more.


Make taxonomy and metadata the MVPs of your DAM

Implementing a new DAM can be daunting, whether you’re moving into your first DAM or upgrading to a new platform. Consolidating and centralizing a high volume of dispersed digital assets while making them findable and usable is a major undertaking. Upgrading to a new DAM and moving all your assets is also a big task. But it’s also a big opportunity to clean-up your metadata and streamline your content and creative operations.

Since 2011, we’ve worked with a variety of large enterprises, including Coca-Cola, Tyson Foods, and Nickelodeon, to design or revamp their DAM information architectures. We work with you and your business stakeholders to design taxonomy and metadata that support requirements and balance needs across the creative operations workstream.


Optimize your DAM platform’s user experience

Every DAM has a different technical approach to modeling information, which impacts functionality, usability, and findability. We have worked with all the top DAM vendors and can help determine how to implement the ideal information architecture to suit the platform and user needs. To achieve the best user experience, we also conduct user testing and quality assurance during implementation.


Streamline metadata before migration

Moving to a new DAM is a great opportunity to update your information management strategy. You can clean-up unused or obsolete metadata and add new structure to support new audiences or content operation needs. We can help you to evaluate the quality of your current DAM taxonomy and metadata, streamline your framework, and make a plan to clean-up as you move to the new system.

To help clients understand gaps and opportunities, we frequently use this DAM Capability Model (free download) developed by the Center for Advanced Studies in Digital Asset Management (CASDAM).


Enhance tagging for findability

Drawing from our extensive experience working on large-scale tagging projects, we can advise your team on how best to apply new metadata or enrich old metadata on large volumes of digital assets. We can also help apply metadata to thousands of assets as they are migrated to ensure good findability in your DAM from day one.


We can help you with:

  • Taxonomy evaluation and enhancement
  • Metadata evaluation and enhancement
  • Tagging quality assessment
  • Search experience design
  • Metadata crossmapping
  • Tagging digital assets (bulk and individual processing)
  • Implementation support

How can we help you get more out of your information?

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