Masters of knowledge organization

Dovecot Studio is an information management consultancy that helps companies optimize the way they structure and manage the content that supports their business. Rooted in information science, we apply our expertise in taxonomies, metadata schemas, and other knowledge organization systems to enhance findability and usability.

We listen to — and partner with — our clients to create tailored and sustainable solutions that meet their current challenges and support future growth.

What We Do

Purpose-driven, elegant design, custom solutions

Taxonomy and metadata don’t have to be daunting. They can be simple but powerful, or sophisticated but actionable, but they should always be fit-to-purpose. We partner with you to build solutions that are tailored to fit your unique challenges and context.

Our Team

Stephanie Lemieux

Stephanie Lemieux

President & Principal Consultant

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Michele Ann Jenkins

Michele Ann Jenkins

Senior Consultant

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Katherine Black

Katherine Black

Senior Consultant

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Melissa Knudtson

Melissa Knudtson

Taxonomy Consultant

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Theresa Putkey

Theresa Putkey

Taxonomy & IA Associate Consultant

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Kandis Weiner

Kandis Weiner

Project Manager

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How we do it

We aren’t just consultants, we’re advisors

We want to understand the full picture, always keeping in mind your context and what will best serve you now and in the future. We collaborate with you to get a complete view of the challenges you’re facing in other areas that impact content management, such as content strategy or enterprise data. This way we can design more holistic solutions that align with your larger strategy.

We understand that our domain can be difficult to understand. To help those who are new to semantics, we explain complex ideas in a simple and straightforward way. We try to make working on metadata both enjoyable and rewarding, helping your team better understand and communicate the value of semantic structure.

“This team is smart, tenacious, passionate and gets things done.”

Sarah Iskander, CEO

Our Partners

We work with expert partners to develop holistic solutions


GateB provides consulting, technology implementation, integration and support for DAM/MRM, enterprise content management, and e-commerce for leading national and international companies. We partner with GateB on DAM/PIM implementation projects.


Cella is a leader in consulting, staffing and managed solutions for creative and digital content operations. Their team of creative process and technology experts has on-the-ground knowledge to help you maximize your project’s ROI. We partner with Cella on DAM and content management implementation projects.


Epigram helps clients identify and create purposeful content. We partner with Epigram for content audits and strategy, brand messaging and strategic copywriting.

Need additional expertise?

If you need a hand with taxonomy, metadata, or other aspects of information management for upcoming projects, let’s talk. We frequently partner with agencies and consultancies on an ongoing or project basis.

Let’s work together

Why Dovecot?

Our name comes from “dovecote”: a compartmental structure for housing doves or pigeons. They are honeycombed with niches where birds come to nest.

These structures provide order and belonging. Every bird has a home… just like every piece of content, document or data element should.