Meet Dovecot

Who We Are

Dovecot Studio is a boutique consulting shop based in Montreal, Canada that specializes in information organization.  We are incredibly enthusiastic people with expertise in taxonomies, metadata, web development and information architecture. Our team creates structured and user-friendly environments that increase findability, usability and business intelligence.

Let’s Talk Philosophy

We believe that content organization and technology go hand in hand. Our experience with both elements helps us build approaches to information organization while understanding the synergies between structure and tools.

And let’s be honest: some content management consultants like to build overly complicated solutions that are difficult to use and manage. We focus on what’s immediately practical to achieve value for both organizations and users — elegant design that fits the purpose. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations through a combination of imaginative thinking and pragmatism.

Handcrafted with Love

We built Dovecot because we wanted a place to have big ideas with a small company personal touch. We consider taxonomy and information architecture a craft that requires passion and relentless attention to detail. That’s why we call ourselves a “boutique”: we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We adapt to your needs and put our heart and soul into each project.

Hungry for Knowledge

We immerse ourselves completely in each new subject domain to understand the business context and user needs before we design. By demystifying the complexity that can accompany taxonomy and metadata projects we are able to connect with stakeholders across the organization in a way that is not only useful, but illuminating and enjoyable.

What is a “dovecot”?

Dovecot Studio - Icon (BW)Don’t worry, you’re not the first to ask.

Our name stems from “dovecote”, which is a compartmental structure for housing doves or pigeons. They are honeycombed with niches where birds come to nest.

These structures provide order and belonging. Every bird has a home… just like every piece of content in a CMS or every piece of information on a website should.

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Dovecot is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment.
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Dovecot is also opposed to all forms of trafficking in persons and is committed to ensuring that all operations and projects are delivered with a strong zero tolerance policy.
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