On-demand Conference Session: How to Improve Search Experience in your DAM


Struggling to find, upload or share digital assets? Or have you implemented a DAM solution… but not sure if you’re getting the most out of it? There are many ways you can use existing DAM features to improve user experience, especially around search. Join Katherine Black, senior consultant at Dovecot Studio, as she shares best […]

Taxonomy & Drupal : Thoughts from DrupalCon 2023

I had the pleasure of speaking at DrupalCon2023 about taxonomy governance and how taxonomists can help out at critical points in website management lifecycle. I wasn’t sure whether my talk would be popular since I wasn’t talking specifically about Drupal implementation, but I didn’t need to worry because there was a full room! Turns out plenty […]

Is Bad Metadata Ruining Your DAM? Learn the Rules of Elegant Metadata Design

Metadata can make or break any system, but it’s even more critical for digital asset management (DAM) systems (which are often light on textual assets) to have good, robust metadata that supports business needs. Too little metadata and search is powerless, asset administration is near impossible, and users complain that the system is useless. But […]

DAM Migration

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by DAM Migration, Be Prepared! (Oct 4-25 4-part Training)

I recently polled my DAM consultant friends with this question: what’s the one thing you wish people knew before they started a DAM implementation project to improve their outcomes? There was a clear trend in the answers: migrating assets and metadata is hard and it will take longer and more resources than you think.  Whether […]

DAM Canada Symposium

Join Dovecot at the 2nd Annual Canada DAM Symposium

Dovecot is excited to be a sponsor of the 2nd Annual Canada DAM Symposium, hosted by the Toronto Metropolitan University this June 30 from 12:30-3:00pm. This Canadian community-building and networking peer to peer (virtual) event will consist of “anchor” showcase presentations by accomplished Canadian DAM Professionals. Interspersed with these presentations will be pre-recorded video cameos […]


New Taxonomy Book, with a Chapter on Search by Dovecot’s Michele Ann Jenkins

Right in the middle of all the craziness that was 2020, Helen Lippell reached out to me about writing a chapter for the taxonomy book she would be editing. I was excited to hear that she was looking for practical, accessible guidance and real-world examples. I was also eager for a distracting project that I […]

OHCHR Topic Page

International Non-Profit Launches a New Taxonomy-powered Website

Dovecot is pleased to announce that, after an enormous technical and editorial effort, large, international non-profit has launched their new, taxonomy-powered website.


Roundtable Series on the Business Value of Knowledge Organization Systems

Dovecot is partnering with Synaptica, Straits Knowledge, and Factor to host a 3-part Roundtable Series on how to establish and sustain the business value of KOS on March 10, April 28 and May 26, 2022.

Word frequency code example

DIY Text Analysis for Taxonomists

Text analysis and processing can be useful for a number of common taxonomy development tasks including text mining for candidate terms and search log analysis. There are many simple DIY approaches that can do a lot of heavy lifting and provide useful results using tools you already have on hand.

Stephanie Lemieux at Knowledge Cast KMWorld 2021 Roundup

Taxonomy Boot Camp 2021 Roundup on Knowledge Cast

We’ve put away the virtual conference chairs after the close of another successful digital edition of Taxonomy Boot Camp & KMWorld 2021. While I am looking forward to being in person again next year (knock on wood), I did enjoy the immediacy of the chat-based Q&A during sessions and the online networking that the online […]