Taxonomies are foundations of many powerful information management solutions, from enterprise search to intranets, from web content publishing to chatbots and AI applications.

Organize your content for maximum ROI and usability

We design, enhance, and implement taxonomies for large-scale enterprises. For more than 15 years, we’ve helped organizations including the IMF, Harvard Business Press, and General Mills solve a variety of taxonomy-related challenges, such as improving search, information management, and dynamic content delivery.

We work with digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) systems, websites, intranets, and other knowledge management systems. Whether you’re developing your first enterprise-wide taxonomy or updating an existing one as part of a digital transformation, we can partner with you and your team to develop usable, elegant information architectures.

Develop a solid foundation for your organization’s information

We start the taxonomy development process by talking to key stakeholders and end-users of the taxonomy. We look at the project holistically, to understand the taxonomy’s purpose, context, and audience, and how it should support your organization’s goals.

We know that building consensus among internal teams is a key success factor. Our process is highly iterative, involving multiple working sessions with internal teams and ample opportunities for key individuals to provide input and feedback. As part of each taxonomy project, we include usability testing because we want to ensure our solutions work for the users they’re designed to serve.

Bring your IA to the next level

Taxonomies must grow and evolve to keep up with changes in an organization’s content, technology, and business strategy. We can help you to level-up or rethink the overall structure of your taxonomy to better meet current and future requirements. Whether you’re looking to expand into new areas, implement new functionality, or respond to the latest user research, Dovecot can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Maintain your taxonomy over time

We recommend taxonomy governance as a best practice to all our clients and any organization with a taxonomy. Like a garden without a gardener, a taxonomy without governance will inevitably become messy and unusable over time.

We can provide a taxonomy governance plan for your organization that outlines an organizational structure and roles and responsibilities. It also details processes to maintain your taxonomy, including change management processes, review schedules, and approval processes.

A taxonomy management tool can be an important part of building a robust and scalable taxonomy-as-a-service. We have experience with all the taxonomy tool platforms and can help you select and implement the right technology for your needs.

We can help you with:

  • Taxonomy design and development
  • Taxonomy evaluation and enhancement
  • Taxonomy governance design
  • Taxonomy usability testing
  • Taxonomy training
  • Taxonomy implementation support
  • Taxonomy management software selection

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