Delivering the best possible experience to consumers and internal users requires consistent brand and product information across enterprise systems and onto the digital shelf.


Design for enterprise-level solutions

Product taxonomy and metadata are critical elements of many manufacturing and retail processes, from product design and development to marketing and e-commerce. We develop enterprise information architectures that span multiple systems and functional areas including:

  • Product information management (PIM) and product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • Digital asset management (DAM) and marketing resource management (MRM)
  • E-commerce and data syndication
  • Research and development information management

From canned soup to snowmobile parts, our experience spans a wide variety of different product categories and related processes. We’ve developed large-scale metadata solutions for multinational manufacturers and retailers including Coca-Cola, General Mills, Costco, and Nestle.


Bridge the gap between internal and external needs

We understand that what works for finance or engineering doesn’t necessarily work for marketing. And what works for your employees doesn’t always work for your clients. Our proven methodology ensures that our product taxonomy and metadata frameworks are always fit-to-purpose and audience.

We design and build to support core use cases, while maintaining enterprise alignment with master data.


Navigate unique retail and CPG challenges

Developing consistent enterprise product taxonomy and metadata can be challenging. We often see multiple product taxonomies across siloed internal groups, and a lack of integration between systems such as DAM, PIM, and e-commerce.

Other common industry-specific challenges include:

  • Adopting international metadata standards, such as GS1
  • Syndicating data with retailers who all have their own custom data formats
  • Managing packaging digital assets and metadata
  • Navigating approval processes for regulated content and claims

We can help you navigate and address these challenges. Whether you need a full PIM architecture, a DAM for your product marketing assets, or a new navigation taxonomy to drive online browsing, we can help.

Working closely with your team and stakeholders, we can develop the information frameworks you need to create the best possible experience for your employees and customers.

Find out more about taxonomy design, metadata schema development, and DAM information architecture.

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