To manage massive document repositories and a steady and regular flow of new information effectively, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) must transform their knowledge management systems to make them more dynamic and scalable.


Create knowledge organization systems to facilitate knowledge sharing

IGOs are inherently complex entities. Numerous stakeholders and parties, diverse languages and cultures, and multiple events and mechanisms are just a few of the challenges common to working in a global context.

IGOs must disseminate information quickly and efficiently to multiple audiences including government representatives, academics, media and civil society. To support these needs, robust taxonomy and metadata frameworks are critical.


Apply best practices to your context

We’ve worked with numerous IGOs on a variety of enterprise taxonomy, web content management, knowledge management, and enterprise search projects. Past clients include the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) , and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

From managing large document repositories and websites to addressing the content workflow for publications and events, we understand how IGOs work. With this experience, we can share best practices and lessons learned from previous engagements.


Navigate unique IGO challenges

Developing solutions that can accommodate such a wide array of internal and external processes, audiences, and needs can be challenging. Through user research with staff, members and other SMEs, we can uncover linguistic nuances, which helps us create more robust and culturally sensitive taxonomies and metadata schemas.

Other common IGO-specific challenges include:

  • Managing massive and ever-growing content repositories
  • Making sure taxonomy and metadata schemas reflect cultural, geographic and linguistic nuances.
  • Ensuring compliance with international UN standards or aligning with other IGOs
  • Accommodating different language styles, from general public to expert

Whether you need to improve search efficiency on your website as part of your digital transformation or want to bring siloed content under a single, consolidated taxonomy, we can help you improve how you manage and deliver information to your target users.

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