Dovecot is proud to sponsor the DAM Capability Model (DCM), which is developed by the Center for Advanced Studies in Digital Asset Management (CASDAM). (Download your copy here!)

The DAM Capability Model is designed to help give the global DAM community a tool to self-assess against the common measures for how an organization is doing with DAM. It covers four key areas of capability:

  • Organization: Roles and responsibilities, talent and technical skills, and the strategic alignment required at the organizational level.
  • Information: Metadata, taxonomies, search, and other core information architecture required to use and manage assets – Dovecot’s favorite of course!
  • Systems: Technical infrastructure and integrations, UX and other technology issues.
  • Processes: Workflow, procedures, and creative operations across the asset lifecycle.

Capability models are a great way to build buy-in for a new DAM initiative, or for spending time and resources in improving functionality and capability in your existing DAM. They can help you create your DAM roadmap by visualizing where you are now and where you’d like to be – and what it might take to get there.

Dovecot specializes in helping organizations move from the initial or emerging phase to higher levels of capability. Find out more about our DAM IA services.

You can also learn more about the most common mistakes in DAM metadata in my on-demand CASDAM webinar.