Right in the middle of all the craziness that was 2020, Helen Lippell reached out to me about writing a chapter for the taxonomy book she would be editing. I was excited to hear that she was looking for practical, accessible guidance and real-world examples. I was also eager for a distracting project that I could sink my teeth into. I had had the opportunity to work with Helen on a long term project with a couple of onsite/in-person (those were the days!) work sessions and I knew she would bring her deep expertise and wonderful approachability to the book.

In my chapter, I delve into taxonomy considerations for leveraging taxonomies in search and provide a detailed case study touching on the most common use cases. Taxonomists frequently say that “taxonomy can help search”, but just how and why is often glossed over.

Taxonomies: Practical Approaches to Developing and Managing Vocabularies for Digital Information, contains chapters from leading minds in the taxonomy domain covering everything in the taxonomy development lifecycle from business buy-in and scoping, to implementation and governance.

Taxonomies is available for purchase now in physical and digital formats through the UK Publisher and will be available for North American sales later this summer.