Meet Dovecot

Stephanie Lemieux

President & Principal Consultant

Stephanie is a consultant and passionate advocate of taxonomy, search and other marvellous pursuits in content organization. She uses her taxonomy powers to help organizations big and small create better information environments.

Stephanie has been working in the information management industry for nearly a decade. Prior to focusing her energies on Dovecot Studio, she was a senior consultant and taxonomy practice lead with Earley & Associates where she worked with such organizations as Best Buy, AstraZeneca, American Greetings and Motorola.

She speaks, blogs and writes whenever she can to help spread the good taxonomy word. You can find her most recent work in the 1st volume of Information Management Best Practices – “Integrating Taxonomy and Content Management”.

Stephanie has a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies (MLIS) from McGill University with a specialization in knowledge management.

Skills & Expertise

  • Taxonomy development / implementation
  • Metadata schema design
  • Faceted search design
  • Digital asset management
  • Content management strategy (both web & enterprise)
  • Governance & standards
  • Information architecture
  • SharePoint taxonomy & information architecture

Technology Cred

Stephanie has hands-on experience implementing content organization in various technologies, including:

  • ECM: SharePoint, OpenText
  • WCM: Sitecore, Vignette, Drupal, WordPress
  • Search: Coveo, Solr, Endeca, FAST
  • DAM: Bynder, MediaBeacon, MediaBin, Sitecore/Content Hub, Widen, and more

She is an expert in taxonomy management and has helped many clients with vendor selection amongst tools such as Smartlogic, Mondeca, Data Harmony, Synaptica and Top Braid Suite. Get her whitepaper on taxonomy management tools from Real Story Group.

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