Investment in taxonomies and knowledge organization systems (KOS) is thankfully not the tough sell it used to be 10 years ago. The recognition of how important organized content and data is has definitely increased, especially with the wave of “digital transformation” happening across businesses and the renewed focus on unifying systems and data. However, making the case and proving specific ROI for these type of efforts is still the foundation for kickstarting a successful – and enduring – knowledge organization capability. A good business case with clear ties to organizational goals and operations goes a long way to securing long term investment in taxonomies, including staffing and technology.

To help those in the early stages of developing KOS capabilities, I’m partnering with Ahren Lehnert from Synaptica, Patrick Lambe from Straits Knowledge, and Bob Kasenchak from Factor to host a 3-part Roundtable Series on how to establish and sustain the business value of KOS.


The series will have 3 sessions focused on different angles of the KOS business value proposition and run from March 10 to April 26, 2022. Register below!


Session 1 – March 10 – 11am EST:
Why do we need Knowledge Organization Capabilities?

The first session covers how KOS business value can be framed and measured. Participants will then engage in facilitated breakout room discussions related to their business focus, to explore how the business focus of a KOS can help to identify the best way to communicate the business value. Our panelists will bring together the key points from the breakout sessions and open the event to a full group discussion. The session will be followed by a survey on the capabilities required to deliver this business value, in order to gather real-world use case data from participants and the wider community.


Session 2 – April 28 – 11am EST:
How do we Build Capabilities in Knowledge Organization Systems?

In our second session , we investigate what it takes to build a knowledge organization capability within the business and how to prioritize those capabilities. We will present the results of the survey shared after session one, explain the knowledge organization capabilities framework, and have our panelists weigh in on the results. Roundtable participants will be encouraged to participate in the discussion.


Session 3 – May 26 – 11am EST:
What does it take to Sustain and Reap Value from our Capabilities in Knowledge Organization Systems?

In the final session of The Business Value of KOS Roundtable series, we discuss what it takes to sustain KOS capabilities and grow the business value from them. We will recap the insights gleaned from the previous Roundtable sessions and then the panelists will provide short, anecdotal examples of KOS sustain and growth stories. Roundtable participants will engage with panelists via chat and live discussion.