With heightened scrutiny and an increasingly international landscape, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies must now be even more vigilant to ensure accuracy across all channels.


Craft robust pharma-specific solutions

We’ve worked with leading pharma, healthcare and medical device companies like Novartis, Hollister, and McKesson for more than a decade.

We understand the complexities of knowledge management in the pharmaceuticals context. With our knowledge of pharma product data, marketing regulations and approvals processes, findability concerns, and other key considerations, we can advise our clients on best practices in metadata and taxonomy for their organizations.


Consistency is key

For any large enterprise, consistent internal and external communications are important. They’re essential to presenting a strong and cohesive brand and making sure the information provided to stakeholders and customers is accurate and valuable.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the stakes are even higher. Inconsistencies or errors can have enormous and costly consequences. Having a central, tightly governed framework of metadata and vocabularies ensures that all product and marketing content is accurate and consistent across the enterprise.

Design for a variety of information types, diverse audiences

We understand how to design systems that accommodate a diverse range of audiences, from employees to healthcare professionals, and patients to medical researchers. We are adept at working with large volumes of disparate information for various systems and platforms, including digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), websites, and intranets.


Navigate unique pharma challenges

Developing consistent taxonomy and metadata that works across use cases and the entire product lifecycle can be challenging. Many major pharma companies use multiple product taxonomies with vastly different terminology to describe similar types of information.

Other common industry-specific challenges include:

  • Standardizing processes and terminology with international marketing and manufacturing teams
  • Defining robust rights and regulatory metadata to prevent accidental misuse of content
  • Managing large volumes of information for diverse audiences with different needs
  • Applying legal and regulatory restrictions to packaging digital assets and metadata

Whether you’re developing an enterprise-wide taxonomy for product information or a DAM for product marketing assets, we can help to optimize the way your organization uses metadata and taxonomy to enhance content accuracy and control.

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