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Taxonomy-driven Content Publishing

I have the great pleasure to be presenting a webinar for the UIE Virtual Seminar series this week (January 9, 2014) on Managing Content Sprawl. But between you and me, this topic is really just a pretext to be able to talk about taxonomies. I mean, taxonomies can do a lot, but helping manage gigantic swaths of content is what they do best.

One of the key things I’ll be talking about is taxonomy-driven content publishing or display (also known as search-driven publishing). This topic has picked up recently thanks to the enhancement of this function in SharePoint 2013 with the Content Search Web Part. I’d like to welcome SharePoint to a party that’s been going strong for at least 6 years, but better late than never.

Jabs aside, I’ve written an article talking about what taxonomy-driven display is and how it can be used to fuel dynamic related content as well as create fully dynamic topic pages. Here’s an excerpt:

“Taxonomy-driven content publishing (also referred to as search-driven display) allows you to dynamically retrieve and display content on a page based on specific taxonomy or other structured fields enabled within your content. A content display block (or entire page) is programmed to perform a search on one or more taxonomy tags or other fields selected in the configuration. This content is dynamically loaded when the page is accessed, eliminating the need for a content manager to manually assign the content to a particular page.”

Read the rest at UIE.com and sign up today for the January 9th webinar!

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