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Digital Asset Management

Managing digital assets without metadata and taxonomy is like having a closet with no hangers: all you end up with is a big pile of stuff.

The findability of digital assets is directly proportional to the quality of the metadata you apply to them: if your images and videos aren’t tagged, there really isn’t any easy way to find them.

But knowing what tags they need to be easily found, filtered and re-used is not a trivial challenge. And though you want tagging to be an easy process for your creative team, your complicated digital asset management (DAM) system might have different ideas.

We’re up for that challenge.

We create custom metadata and taxonomy solutions for digital asset management to help turn your DAM into a organized and intuitive space that supports the creative process.

How do we do it

We spend time talking to stakeholders from all the major steps in the life of your digital assets: conception, creation, upload, reuse, etc. Understanding all the various touchpoints and user requirements are key to building organizational principles that can follow the asset throughout the workflow. We also sample various assets to understand what they are and how they are created and used.

Once we know what structure is needed, we collaborate with your team to develop a metadata schema for the assets (more on metadata design) that will take into account all the various aspects of DAM, including:

  • Search & filtering
  • Assembly & delivery
  • Rights management
  • Administration
  • Workflow
  • Permissions
  • Etc.

An important part of many DAM systems is taxonomy, which helps describe the subject matter of assets and control many of the other important vocabularies that define them (e.g. art styles, character names, product types, composition, etc.). Find out more about our approach to taxonomies.

When we’re done, you’ll have a complete structure to define, describe and manage digital assets, from creation and ingestion into the DAM to search and reuse.

We work with your vendor to implement the structure so that the user experience for tagging, faceted browsing and searching is always intuitive and imminently practical so that your team can spend their energy being creative.

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Digital Asset Management Projects:

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In which we help Nickelodeon organize their digital assets and business documents with taxonomy and metadata.