Meet Dovecot

Melissa Knudtson

Taxonomy Consultant

Melissa’s intense curiosity about people and their ways of making sense of the world led her to work and study in several countries and bridge cultures as a translator. Later, that curiosity drew her into the sense-making world of taxonomies, where she bridges people and the information they need. Years of living abroad taught her to identify and ask questions that seem obvious but help shed light on client and user information needs. Melissa has helped organizations in industries ranging from ceramic art to digital health make sense of their information assets. She is particularly passionate about managing medical information.

Melissa has a Master of Information Studies (MISt) with a specialization in Information and Communication Technology from McGill University, as well as a BA in Spanish, an MA in Translation Studies and a Certificate in Graphic Design.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys hiking mountain trails and making digital illustrations.


  • Information architecture
  • Taxonomy development
  • Metadata development
  • User research
  • Card sorting
  • Wireframing
  • Personas
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